Business Intelligence

{Oracle BI, Jasper}

We pride in verse software applications simply by analyzing raw data,
from our clients including data mining, online analytical processing,
querying and reporting.

Sms, USSD Gateways Development
IT Systems - Telecom integration solution
Billing Systems
Mobile Solutions, Applications and Devices
Big Data Systems
Biometrics and Identity Management
IT Security
Future Technologies & 3D Design

Software Development

{C/C++/Java, PHP, JS}

Sometimes our clients request for Enterprise Document Management Solutions.
At some other times, it's Enterprise resource planning solutions and integrators.
We are very flexible and scalable!

Bio-metrics Solutions

{Fingerprint, Facial Recognition}

We charaoke from Enterprise Bio-metrics data cleanup for clients,
to custom solutions for fingerprint recognition and identification in sync
with international bio-metrics standard.